Hi, I'm Alex, (aka "Anachronist" and "Axl"). Welcome to my blog. This blog is sporadically updated when I am inspired to write something that involves science or math or other technical subjects.

I make no attempt at mathematical rigor in my posts. Here you'll find empirical explorations and thought experiments.

This blog started in 2010 when I co-founded a start-up, Arcadia Research Labs. My business partner had developed some analysis techniques to extract predictive information from seemingly random time series. We intended to apply the algorithms to medical device data to predict likely future events. Because medical data was so hard to obtain, and financial data was so easy to obtain, we started out using financial data for analysis. We were excited about the potential value in our methods, but the company eventually folded due to internal tensions resulting from the balance of work available for each founder to run the company while maintaining other employment.

While the company was running, I started a mathematics blog on the Joomla-based corporate website. Years later, I discovered that Blogger could be made to work with MathJax, which is needed to display mathematical formulas. Not all themes work with MathJax, apparently. You might find the appearance of this site change as I explore new themes.

Alex Matulich
Mountain View, CA
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alexmatulich/

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